Uno Xenobot dal progetto dell’intelligenza artificiale alla realizzazione. In verde le cellule di epidermide di rana, in rosso quelle del muscolo cardiaco

Gli Xenobot sono robot grandi meno di 1 millimetro, costruiti con cellule di embrione di rana e progettati con l’intelligenza artificiale.
Sono il risultato della ricerca congiunta di un dipartimento universitario di biologia e di uno di informatica. Il dipartimento di biologia ha messo le conoscenze sulle cellule e la capacità di combinarle tra di loro. Il dipartimento di informatica ha creato algoritmi di intelligenza artificiale in grado di creare forme di robot che sfruttino le diverse caratteristiche delle cellule per fargli compiere le azioni desiderate.

Ne sono venuti fuori dei robot composti da 2 tipi di cellule, quelle dell’epidermide…

Photo credit: delfi de la Rua

Google announced today the Cloud Vision API, which makes available to the general public their Deep Learning algorithms for image recognition, OCR, facial detection, etc.

Photo credit: kazuend



This paper presents a Recommender System based on Recurrent Neural Networks. In particular, the authors focus on recommendations based on session data, which are useful when recommending to anonymous users or for fast changing items (e.g. classified sites). The algorithm currently used for the problem is Item-KNN, which takes into account only the last event of the session; RNNs should have an advantage, factoring in the whole session.

The proposed RNN uses Gated Recurrent Units (GRU), takes as input the state of the session and outputs the next item in the session. …

Photo by RD Media Copyright RE.WORK

This post covers the second and final day of the Deep Learning Summit that took place in London on September 24th-25th 2015. You can find the first post here. Videos are also being posted on youtube.

After a welcome from Alison Lowndes of NVDIA, the day started with the startup session.

First up were Wally Trenholm, Founder & CEO, and Jason Cassidy, MD & Chief Science Officer, of Sightline Innovation, talking about The Commercialisation of Deep Learning. They started going after military customers (2011), then looked for other markets due to long military order process (5 year to order). They…

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the 3rd Deep Learning Summit, this time in London after the previous in San Francisco and Boston.

DL Summit, organised by RE.WORK, brings together people with different backgrounds, from industry professionals to academy, in 2 fast paced days, packed with 20 mins talks and nice networking breaks.

Here are my notes from day 1, if you were attending or speaking and I got something wrong please let me know!

Videos of the talks are being posted on youtube. …

Why filtering recommendations matter and what to filter

Recommender Systems, a quick intro

Recommender Systems are by far one of the most successful applications of Big Data / Machine Learning.

Recommender Systems are an integral part of the success of Amazon, bringing more than 30% of revenues, and Netflix, where 75% of what people watch is from some sort of recommendation.

The goal of Recommender Systems is to find what is likely to be of interest to the user, thus enabling personalization and tailored services.

Most Recommender Systems look at user behaviour (the input data, ex. what the user purchased or viewed in the past) and through different techniques…

The Analyst, the Automator, the Augmentator

Why 3 Data Scientists

Data scientists are one of the most sought after professionals, someone even defined them sexy. For sure there has been a lot of talk about them, and even quite some confusion.

Drew Conway made a very good job in defining them back in 2013, as someone with hacking skills, math and stats knowledge, and substantive expertise.

Drew Conway definition still holds but, as data scientists become more widespread, the jobs done under the hat vary significantly.

I think a further segmentation of Data Scientists, based on what they actually do, could be beneficial, both to new…

Alessandro Vitale

CEO and Chief Data Scientist at Optimist AI, bringing innovation to sales through Big Data. The future is bright.

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